We are a theater company committed to revealing the Christian message with a unique blend of humor, story, challenging content, and scenes that are hard to forget. 

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If you're interested in scheduling us for a performance, select the Contact link and provide us with the basic information we need to determine if we're available to meet your needs.

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We offer scripts, tapes, videos and other presentation materials for sale. Check out the full descriptions on the Scripts, Etc. link located in the Resources panel. You can also fill out an Order Form to purchase whatever resources you need!

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We've been using theater performances, educational workshops, and spiritual retreats to reveal the love of Christ for over 30 years. In 2010 alone, we travelled over 15,000 miles to reach nearly 14,000 people in twelve states - performing 123 times and leading 27 workshops. It's donations like yours that make all this possible. Please help by using the link to make a tax free donation today!

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