O.K., we hate to state the obvious, but we’re a theater company. We have a repertoire of material ranging from 90 seconds to 90 minutes—suitable for everything from a worship benediction to an artist’s series. Maybe you’d like a potluck performance of short scenes under the collective title “From the Ridiculous to the Divine.” Or a community-wide dinner theater with “The Case of the Missing Bodies”—a detective spoof based on Acts, chapter 12. How about honoring your volunteers with a banquet performance, or plan a Valentine or Christmas event with a performance appropriate to the season? Give us a call--we’re pretty sure we can find a performance to fit your age group and situation.   

Conference Presentations

We’ve been a part of hundreds of conferences and conventions over the years. Here’s how you can use us:

1) Introduce and enliven speaking sessions, 2) enhance worship services, 3) highlight conference themes, 4) add inspirational focus to business meetings, 5) provide educational workshops, 6) entertain at banquets—or even 7)  serve as a “keynote speaker.” 

STEWARDSHIP: Where Your Treasure Is

(See also: Weekends and Workshops)

Can stewardship be entertaining as well as challenging? We think so. We have several offerings:

The World’s Oldest Financial Planner, a 20 minute fast-paced collage of scripture and story on the subject of giving. The first 12 minutes cover many of the sayings and stories of Jesus that deal with money—but present them in a fresh contemporary way. The presentation ends with broader interpretation of stewardship—a presentation of the touching American folk tale, “The Tale of the Three Trees” and the scripture “Present your bodies as a living sacrifice.”

In Search of Buck, a 10 minute comic scene on the topic of tithing, in the style of a 1940’s detective film noir.


 We offer a variety of 30-45 minute performances suitable for grades 1-8 in public schools and 1-12 in parochial schools.

(See School Shows page for specifics.)


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We have material specifically tailored to the Christmas season: A program of short scenes entitled “Christmas Presence,” and our award winning “Nativity on the Square.”